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Aetertek AT-211SW model dog traning collar set up video

Aetertek AT-211SW model dog traning collar set up video


Hi, my name is Reagan.And I am with Aetertek company.

Today, I am going to be introducing the AT-211SW dog training collar.Aetertek has been in the industry for over 7 years, specializes in designing and manufacturing dog collars.

The 211SW is specifically model for smaller dogs and it is water resistant.It is used to build a relationship of mutual trust and respect with your dog.

First, you open the box.Please read the owner’s manual thoroughly before assembling the dog collar.

We have transmitter, the receiver, the dog collar, the charger, the USB cord, the test kit and an handle.


To turn the transmitter on, press any of the three buttons.

The transmitter will go to sleep in about one minute, but just to turn it on again. Press any buttons to turn it back on.

We have three buttons: the shock button, the beep button and the vibration button.

To adjusts the shock levels, you scroll up and down on the side of the transmitter to choose 1 of 10 shock levels.

To choose which dog collar to use, you press M button in.you can choose between one dog receiver , the second dog receiver or zero for both.

To turn the receiver on, you press and hold the power button until the light turns red.

To pair the receiver and transmitter, press any buttons and the light will turn blue.

Now, for vibration.Place the test kit over the prongs and press the shock button until a red light comes on.

The longer you hold the button, the longer it shocks.

If you have a long hair dog, simply replace the prongs with longer ones.

Now to assemble the dog collar, simply fit the collar through the receiver.

Attach it and make sure there is one finger in between the collar and your dog.

The lanyard can be used for the transmitter to make sure this is never lost. Simply fill through it and pull through like this.

To charge the collar, you insert the USB into the charger and this into the transmitter, this into the receiver. Charge both for three hours.

If you have any problems with your dog collar,please visit www.aetertek.com where you can find on the back of the owner’s manual.

Thank you so much for watching.

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